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About the Radiation Protection Section

North Carolina General Statute in section 104-E are the enabling legislation for the mission and duties of the Radiation Protection Section (RPS).  Under these statutes, RPS administers the following programs in order to provide protection from the harmful effects of radiation for workers and the public: a Radon monitoring, mitigation and education program; an emergency response program for nuclear facilities; an environmental monitoring program; a radioactive material licensing, compliance and education program; a low level radioactive waste management oversight program; a progressive Homeland Security initiative; an effective radioactive material emergency response program; an X-ray registration, compliance and education program; a mammography registration, compliance and education program; a tanning registration, compliance and education program; an information resource location for other sources of non-ionizing radiation; and a comprehensive enforcement program.

Under the auspices of the Radiation Protection Commission, RPS strives to maintain a healthy balance between regulatory responsibility, environmental stewardship and customer service.  The RPS staff members are continually striving to streamline processes and offer the regulated community every opportunity for compliance with the regulations in 15A NCAC 11.  When an inspection reveals compliance issues, the facility is responsible for compliance; however, RPS will provide continuing support throughout the process so that the facility can learn more fully what is expected.  If that process fails to deliver the required level of protection for the health and safety for workers and the public, RPS has an effective and fair enforcement program that can be engaged, if necessary, to ensure the safe use of sources of radiation.

General questions are always welcome.  Please visit our Customer Service page for a listing of topics on which we can provide information or support.  RPS staff members are ready and willing to provide training and education to any affected member of the public or regulated community. Feel free to contact us about any training, education or speaking needs that you might have! 

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