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Main Contact

Phone: Phone:  919-814-2250 (Business Hours)

N.C. Emergency Management Operations Center: 800-858-0368 (after business hours)

Mailing Address
1645 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1600

Physical Address
5505 Creedmoor Road, Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27512


Unit Contacts

Radiation Protection Section

Lee Cox, Section Chief, lee.cox@dhhs.nc.gov 919-814-2253 

Enforcement and Invoicing

Jon Granger, Coordinator, 919-814-2277 jon.granger@dhhs.nc.gov

 Radioactive Materials

David Crowley, Branch Manager, 919-814-2303, david.crowley@dhhs.nc.gov


 Radioactive Materials - Licensing

Submit licensing applications and amendments to licensing.ram@dhhs.nc.gov

Louis Brayboy, Licensing Supervisor, 919-814-2304, louis.brayboy@dhhs.nc.gov


  Radioactive Materials - Inspections

Travis Cartoski, Inspection Supervisor, 919-814-2311, travis.cartoski@dhhs.nc.gov


  Radioactive Materials - Reciprocity

Submit reciprocity requests to reciprocity.ram@dhhs.nc.gov

Nick Driver, Reciprocity Coordinator, 919-814-2306, nick.driver@dhhs.nc.gov


  Radioactive Materials - General Licensing

William Johnson, General License Coordinator, 919-814-2308, william.johnson@dhhs.nc.gov


 Tanning and Radon Programs

Catherine Rosfjord, Branch Manager, 828-301-8807 catherine.rosfjord@dhhs.nc.gov



Phillip Gibson, Radon Coordinator, 828-712-0972 phillip.gibson@dhhs.nc.gov


Diane Mays, Administrative Assistant, 919-814-2294, diane.mays@dhhs.nc.gov


 Laser Questions:

NC Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Division http://www.nclabor.com/osha/osh.htm


 Radiology Compliance Branch (X-ray, Mammography and Service Providers)

Jenny Rollins, Branch Manager, 919-814-2326 jenny.rollins@dhhs.nc.gov

Lynn Peeler, Administrative Assistant, 919-814-2322, lynn.peeler@dhhs.nc.gov


X-ray Registration, (No Reciprocity with X-ray Devices)

Billing and Invoice Questions:  919-814-2274     RPSPayments@dhhs.nc.gov

Submit Registration Applications to NORS@dhhs.nc.gov

Diane Singleton, Registration Coordinator, 919-814-2256    diane.singleton@dhhs.nc.gov

Tammi Jones, Registration Assistant, 919-814-2272      tammi.jones@dhhs.nc.gov


 X-ray Installation Reports (Federal Form FDA 2579 and State Installation Form)

Submit Installation Reports to FDA2579@dhhs.nc.gov

Tammi Jones, Registration Assistant, 919-814-2272      tammi.jones@dhhs.nc.gov


 X-ray Shielding Plan Reviews, General X-Ray Waivers

Submit Shielding Plan Reviews and General Waivers to shieldingdesign@dhhs.nc.gov

Kahee Kim, Supervisor, 919-814-2324, kahee.kim@dhhs.nc.gov


 Service Provider Applications, X-ray Waivers for Dental Handheld, Electron Microscopes &   Security

Submit Service Provider Applications and Security Waivers to XrayService@dhhs.nc.gov

Kahee Kim, Supervisor, 919-814-2324, kahee.kim@dhhs.nc.gov


 Service Provider Inspections, X-ray Out of State Mobiles Location Reports

Submit X-ray Inspection Responses and Mobile Location Reports to XrayService@dhhs.nc.gov

Bennifer Pate, Technical Consultant, 919-814-2321, bennifer.pate@dhhs.nc.gov


 X-ray Non-Healing Arts  Industrial and Analytical Inspections

Submit X-ray Inspection Responses to drp.xray@dhhs.nc.gov

Denise Cloninger, Supervisor, 919-814-2330, denise.cloninger@dhhs.nc.gov


 X-ray Healing Arts:  Medical, Therapy, Mammography, Veterinary Inspections

Submit X-ray Inspection Responses to drp.xray@dhhs.nc.gov

Regina Kissinger, Supervisor, 919-814-2335, regina.kissinger@dhhs.nc.gov


 Mammography General Questions

Submit Mammography Inspection Responses to drp.mammo@dhhs.nc.gov

Wendy Moore, Team Lead, 919-814-2336, wendy.moore@dhhs.nc.gov



NC Radiation Protection, 1645 Mail Service Center,
Raleigh, NC  27699-1600  919-814-2250