radiation protection 

Enforcement Actions For January 2013

Administrative Penalties Assessed for violation(s) of the Radiation Protection Act and the North Carolina Regulations for Protection Against Radiation.
Responsible Party
Penalty Amount
Date Issued
Delaine Dental


Henderson County

.0204(b)[REPEAT]-a person registered pursuant to Rule .0203 performed services listed in Rule .0205(d) of this Section in his facility without satisfying the applicable requirement in Rule .0205, .0213, and .0214 of this Section. $1000.00 1/4/13 Paid
Orville D. Williams, DDS, PA


Buncombe County

.0204(b)-performed services without satisfying the applicable requirement, .0603(b)-prior to construction or structural modification, the floor plan and equipment arrangement of the installation was not reviewed by a qualified expert and .1603(a) $2500.00 1/4/13 Fwd to Collections
Atlas Mobile Veterinary Services, PLLC .1640(C)-appropriate records as specified in this Rule have not been maintained and .1104(a)[REPEAT]-failed to pay the annual fees within 60 days after the due date specified in Paragraphs (a) and (b) of Rule .1102. $1250.00 1/30/13 Fwd to Comptroller's Office



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