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N.C. Regulations for Protection Against Radiation

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RMB Newsletters

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Information Notices

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2015 LLRW Survey

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License Fees

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Registered Consultants

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Proposed Regulations

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Public Notices

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Financial Assurance Info.

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Contaminated Tissue Info

      New Licensing Guidance Now Available!!

Analysis of 10CFR Part37,          Physical Protection of Byproduct Material

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 Increased Controls 

Information related to the Increased Controls requirements for certain licensees

Specific Licensing Program

Licensing guides, forms, publications, etc.
Reciprocal Licensing Info!


Frequency, types, classification of findings, etc.

General Definitions

Definitions associated with health physics and radiation protection

Section .1600 FAQ

Answers to compliance questions on Section .1600 of the N.C. Regulations

Fee Information

New Licensing Guidance Now Available!!GE recalls diagnostic imaging cameras due

 to fatal accident –Please click on the link:



The Radioactive Materials Branch has become aware of a recent fatality where a GE gamma camera collapsed and crushed a patient. We encourage our Nuclear Medicine imaging licensees to read the recall notice and act accordingly if in possession

of one of the recalled models.


General Licensing Program

Information about general licensed devices, forms, fees, etc.

Emergency Contact Information

How to contact the agency in the event of a radiological emergency

Links to Other Agencies

Links to State and Federal agencies & professional organizations.

Major License Changes

Decommissioning, Termination, Change of Control, etc.

N.C. Regulations ONLINE!

This update includes the "new" Medical Rules.


New Licensing Guidance Now Available!!Information Relevant to the Japan Nuclear Incident

NC Environmental Monitoring for the Japan Incident  (4-12-11)

NC Press Release for the Japan Incident

CDC Key Messages for the States



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