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Radioactive Materials Branch

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Licensing of Radioactive Materials & Accelerators
License of Broad Scope
Medical, Academic, Research & Development, etc.
Hospital-based Licenses
Diagnostic nuclear medicine, brachytherapy, HDR, etc.
Private-practice Medicine
Diagnostic nuclear medicine, nuclear cardiology, mobile nuclear medicine, etc.
Medical, Academic, Industrial
Medical & industrial, panoramic irradiators, self-shielded irradiators, etc.
 License Termination
Requirements for surveys, documentation to be submitted, etc.


New Reporting FormPortable Nuclear Gauges
Moisture/density, XRF, etc.
Industrial Radiography
Booth and field operations
Industrial (Fixed) Gauges
Level control, flow control, density measurements, etc.
Manf. & Distribution
Manufacturing and distributing to both General and Specific licensees (includes nuclear pharmacies)
 Change of Ownership
 What information is required for change of ownership/control issues


Guidance on regulatory requirements for decommissioning and license termination
 Reciprocal licensing
Requirements, forms, fees, etc.
Service & Consultant
Instrument calibration, leak test analysis, etc.
R&D, in vitro research, etc.
"Other" Licensees
Choose this category if your activities are not covered by any other category
Financial Assurance Info
How to calculate, regulations, sample financial assurance forms, etc.
If you cannot find the information you require, contact a
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 Last Updated: 31 August 2016

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