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Radioactive Materials Branch

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Low Level Radioactive Waste


The agency is requiring that certain licensees download and complete the survey noted below.  The agency will compile the information obtained from the various licensees and pass this information onto the Low Level Radioactive Waste Committee.  This committee will then use the information to make recommendations to the Radiation Protection Commission on the status of LLRW management within North Carolina.  The information will also be used for compiling a report to the N.C. General Assembly on the status of LLRW management within North Carolina.

This April 2007 report provides current information on the status of  LLRW management in North Carolina and the related activities of the Radiation Protection Commission and the Radiation Protection Section.
Based on the scheduled closure of Barnwell to out of compact generators including North Carolina in 2008, it may be necessary for North Carolina LLRW generators to develop long term on-site storage contingency plans for dealing with some portion of their LLRW after June 30, 2008. For this reason, the future of LLRW disposal remains unpredictable and will need to be monitored closely over the next few

LLRW 2015 Survey


2010 LLRW Management Plan



Last Modified:  28 December 2015


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