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Licensing Guidance

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Reciprocal Recognition of Agreement State or NRC Licenses


(a) Subject to these Rules, any person who holds a specific license from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission or an agreement state, and issued by the agency having jurisdiction where the licensee maintains an office for directing the licensed activity and at which radiation safety records are normally maintained, is hereby granted a general license to conduct the activities authorized in such licensing document within this state for a period not in excess of 180 days in any calendar year provided that the following requirements are satisfied:
(1) The licensing document does not limit the activity authorized by such document to specified installations or locations;
(2) The out-of-state licensee notifies the agency in writing at least three days prior to engaging in such activity; such notification shall indicate the location, period, and type of proposes possession and use within the state, and shall be accompanied by a copy of the pertinent licensing document; if, for a specific case, the three day period would impose an undue hardship on the out-of-state licensee, including but not limited to adverse impact on the business of the licensee or his customer, he may upon application to the agency, obtain permission to proceed sooner; the agency may waive the requirement for filing additional written notifications during the remainder of the calendar year following the receipt of the initial notification from a person engaging in activities under the general license provided in the Rule if the agency determines that such written notifications are not necessary to ensure compliance with the rules in this Chapter or to protect the public;
(3) The out-of-state licensee complies with all applicable rules of the agency and with all the terms and conditions of his licensing document, except any such terms and conditions which may be inconsistent with applicable rules of this agency;
(4) The out-of-state licensee supplies such other information as the agency may request; and
(5) The out-of-state licensee shall not transfer or dispose of radioactive material possessed or used under the general license provided in this Rule except by transfer to a person:
(A) specifically licensed by the agency or by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to receive the material; or
(B) exempt from the requirements for a license for the material under Rule .0303 of this Section.
(b) Additional Reciprocity is Provided in Rule .0310 of this Section.
(c) The agency may withdraw, limit, or qualify its acceptance of any specific license or equivalent licensing document issued by another agency, or any product distributed pursuant to such licensing document, upon determining that the action is necessary in order to prevent undue hazard to public health and safety or property.
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     Any person who is authorized to manufacture, install or service a device described in Rule .0309 of this Section pursuant to a specific license issued by the agency, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission or an agreement state is hereby granted a general license to install and service the device described in Rule .0309, provided the following requirements are met:

(1) The person shall file a report with the agency within 30 days after the end of each calendar quarter in which any device is transferred to or installed in this state. Each report shall identify each general licensee, to whom the device is transferred by name and address, the type of device transferred, and the quantity and type of radioactive material contained in the device;
(2) The device is manufactured, labeled, installed, and serviced in accordance with applicable provisions of the specific license issued to the person by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission or an agreement state;
(3) The person shall assure that any labels satisfy the requirements in Rule .0309 of this Section and shall furnish to each general licensee, to whom he transfers a device or on whose premises he installs a device, a copy of the general license contained in Rule .0309 of this Section.


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To apply for reciprocity, the following information MUST be submitted to the agency for review:

(1) A letter requesting reciprocity (include any previous N.C. Reciprocal License number if this is a re-application for reciprocity)
(2) The most current copy of your radioactive materials license;
(3) Training verification for all users of radioactive material if not listed on the license;
(4) Certificate of Authority to transact business in North Carolina.  This is available through the Corporate Information Section of the N. C. Secretary of State's Office (call 919.807.2225 or visit their website for details);



A SEPARATE certified check or money order (made payable to the Radiation Protection Section) in the amount listed below for the category of license you currently hold in YOUR state:



    Full Fee One half fee


(if applying BEFORE July 1) (if applying AFTER July 1)
  Industrial Radiography (field use): $3,500.00 $1,750.00
Portable Gauges (includes moisture/density gauges, XRF devices, etc.) $425.00 $212.50
  Medical Use of radioactive material (non-mobile) $950.00 $475.00
Mobile Nuclear Medicine
   -Additional fee for each location of use authorized in the reciprocal recognition)


  Well Logging $500.00 $250.00
Service and Consultant $400.00 $200.00
Gas Chromatographs $375.00 $187.50
NOTES: (1)

For OVERNIGHT DELIVERY, send information to: 5505 Creedmoor Road, Suite 100, Raleigh  NC  27612

For STANDARD POST delivery, send information to: 1645 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC  27699-1645

  (2) If your proposed licensed activities do not match one of the categories above, please call the Radiation Protection Section at 919.571.4141 and ask to speak to a Health Physicist

Once reciprocity has been granted, you MUST notify the agency at least THREE (3) DAYS IN ADVANCE of EACH entry into the state to perform work. 
[Click here for agency forms for reciprocal licensees]

  If you do not see your category listed here, refer to 15A NCAC 11 .1106, which contains the fee rule.


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