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Radioactive Materials Branch
General Branch Information

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The Radioactive Materials Branch regulates the possession, use, transfer, transportation and disposal of radioactive material within the State of North Carolina.   The Branch is also responsible for the regulation of particle accelerators (in both medical and industrial settings).  The regulation of these two areas consists of a licensing program and an inspection program.  In addition to these duties, the Branch takes the lead role in responding to radiological incidents and events involving radioactive materials within the State.

The licensing program is comprised of two major classifications of licenses: Specific Licenses and General Licenses.  There are different categories of both of these classifications of licenses, such as Medical License of Broad Scope and Accelerator Licenses under the "Specific License" category and Exit Light and Industrial Gauge licenses under "General Licenses." 

As of March 31, 2008, the Radioactive Materials Branch had the following approximate breakdown of licensees:

Licenses of Broad Scope (Medical, Academic, R&D) 15
Hospital-based use of radioactive materials 128
Private practice medical use of radioactive materials 176
Medical Accelerators 69
Industrial and/or Research Accelerators 17
Portable Nuclear Gauges (including XRF's) 174
Industrial (Fixed) gauges 52
Industrial Radiography (Field and Booth combined) 17
Manufacturing/Distribution (including nuclear pharmacies) 24
Laboratory / R&D Facilities 68

Other Licensees not categorized above




General Licenses (category independent) 1151

The Branch is comprised of a Branch Manager, eight (8) health physicists, and an administrative assistant.  The eight health physicists perform the technical reviews of all licensing actions (new applications, amendments, renewals), inspections of licensed facilities (both specific and general license facilities), response to incidents, etc.


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Last Modified:  06 September 2011
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