All forms must be filled out properly and returned to our office.   If you have sold your tanning units or are now using the units for personal use we must be notified in writing.    Also, if you have sold one or several units and are still in business please complete the renewal application along with your amendment form so we can update your registration.  This information is required to terminate or make any changes to your registration. Without proper notification such as a written statement or termination form your registration will stay in effect.   A service termination form is also available for sales or service companies that are going out of business.

Termination Form -

Use this form if you are going out of business or have already  gone out of business permanently or if you are using your tanning unit for personal use only.

Add Beds/Booths

Delete Beds/Booths

Use these forms if you are still in business but need to adjust the number of beds/booths that you have registered.




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