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As required by the "North Carolina Regulations For Protection Against Radiation" rules .1405 Application for Registration of Tanning Facilities and .1421 Application For Registration of Service, each registrant shall complete proper application to register tanning facilities and tanning equipment.

The following application (s) must be properly filled out with date and signature before this agency will issue a registration number for your facility.  No application can be accepted through e-mail or without owners signature.

Please select the appropriate registration application in order to register your tanning equipment or service company.  For general information you can e-mail diane.mays@dhhs.nc.gov

Registration Information and Forms
Registration Checklist-  This checklist will assist you in providing all needed paperwork with the tanning application CHKLIST
Initial Application- This application is for new tanning facility owners or for individuals that have purchased a tanning facility. APP
Amended Application-This application is to update your information and to add units to your registration.  The amendment affidavit is used if you have sold, stored or exchanged units but still operate a tanning facility.  ADD


Service Application- Service Vendors, Distributors, Operator Trainers, and Service Technicians must complete this application.  If your company installs, sales and/or services tanning equipment and/or components within the State of North Carolina.   Service personnel shall also certify that they have read and understand the requirements of the rules of this Section.

Service Application Attachments - Addendum pages must be completed by all additional sales associates, service technicians and/or trainers

Service attachment

Trainer attachment








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